The first master’s degree at FESTU

In March 2019, a general agreement was signed on the participation of Far Eastern State Transport University (FESTU) in the project “Economy, Ecology and Infrastructure on high-speed railways”.

In September 2019, the Master’s program “Operation of transport and technological machines and complexes” was launched by the FESTU. The program included 4 modules from the curricula of the Technical University of Dresden (TUD) and Emperor Alexander I st. Petersburg state transport university (PGUPS). Modules were taken from the TUD curriculum: Theory of Transport Systems, Modeling; Transport Ecology and its Processes I; Transport Safety and Control Technology. The module The Economy of High-speed Railways was taken from the curriculum of the PGUPS. During the education the teachers of FESTU used materials developed by the professors of TUD and PGUPS.

The first students were enrolled in this program in 2019. All 5 students have successfully completed their studies. In July 2021 they were graduated by master’s degrees. Four out of five students have more than 85% “excellent” grades in the diploma. In 2020, 5 students were also enrolled to the master’s program with integrated modules.