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  • Introduction

The qualification upgrade course provides an opportunity for the staff of the companies to improve and expand their knowledge in the field of high-speed railways, which contributes to the competence improvement of the companies in general as well as that of the staff in particular.

  • Courses offered and study fields

The teaching contents for qualification upgrade courses are created based on the modules of master programme EEIHSR, cutting-edge knowledge in the field of high-speed railway and actual requirement of enterprise. The courses cover the following study fields:

    • Railway Construction and Infrastructure
    • Railway Signalling and Railway Telematic
    • Railway Operation
    • Transport Economic and Traffic Modelling
    • Transport Ecology
    • Rail Vehicle
  • Site of study

The qualification upgrade courses for the employees are held completely in digital format. Therefore, the distance learning via Internet and online course can be provided.

  • Lecturers

The team of instructors consists of highly motivated lecturers and experts from partner universities, who have high quality, professional knowledge and several years of practical experience and education.

  • Certification

Staffs involved in the qualification upgrade course will be awarded the certificate from university, which provides the courses.

  • Contact information link

If you are interested in the qualification upgrade courses, please contact EEIHSR@tu-dresden.de or elena.queck@tu-dresden.de.

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