M. Auezov South Kazakhstan University (SKU), Kazakhstan

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Organisation name & acronym: M. Auezov South Kazakhstan University (SKU), Kazakhstan
Role: Partner Institution
Website: www.auezov.edu.kz
Address: 160012, Kazakhstan, Shymkent City, Tauke khan avenue, 5
First contact person: Arida Turymshayeva
First contact person (mail): sksu.icc.2015@gmail.com

M. Auezov South Kazakhstan University (Auezov University) is the largest
multiple-discipline university of the Republic of Kazakhstan, scientific,
educational, intellectual, cultural center of the region.  The university trains
specialists for all sectors of the economy, science and culture of the region,
republic and world space.
In 2021 SKU entered the TOP 450+ of the world ranking of the best
universities in the QS World University Rankings and took  482 + position, in the
Asia-Pacific University ranking (RankPro) is 212th position.The University
consistently occupies leading positions in national institutional ratings: 3rd place in
the National Institutional Rating of the Independent Agency for Quality Assurance
in Education (IAQAE).
The university has passed the institutional and specialized accreditation of
142 educational programs in IAQAE.  11 programs are accredited by ASIIN
agency.  4 educational programs have European quality marks Eurobachelor, 2
programs – Euro-Inf, 6 programs – Euro – Ace.
Personnel training at the university is carried out according to 34 directions
for educational bachelor programs, 24 – master program and 13 – PhD directions.
The main human resources of the university are its scientific and pedagogical
personnel, their creative potential and innovative activity.  Currently, the university
employs 1518 teachers, including 64 doctors of science, 521 candidates of
science and 94 doctors of PhD, 13 academicians and 13 corresponding members
of various academies.
The university is widely introducing multilingual education, in English are
implemented: 6 educational programs of bachelor’s degree (Processing of mineral
and technogenic raw materials, Biology, Informatics, Biotechnology, Chemistry,
Computing technology and software) and 4 master’s programs (Physics,
Chemistry, Informatics,  Biotechnology).
SKU is active in the internationalization of education and research. 
Currently, 204 treaties and agreements on international cooperation have been
concluded, of which 29 universities are strategic partners from countries of the far
and near abroad.
In partnership with leading foreign universities included in the TOP 500 world
rankings, 26 joint educational programs are being implemented, including with
the issuance of double diplomas.

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