Report of the activities undertaken as part of the project “ECONOMY, ECOLOGY AND INFRASTRUCTURE AT HIGH-SPEED RAILWAYS” (EEIHSR), Ural State University of Railway Transport (USURT), RussiaXI 2018 – IV 2021

Work Package 2 – Laboratory equipment
The USURT has fully accomplished the purchasing plan for 2020.
The University has accomplished all necessary purchasing steps from preparing the technical specification to acceptance of the “Polygon of High-Speed Traffic” software complex (Fig.1) and the laptop.

Fig.1 – Interface of the software complex “Polygon of High-Speed Traffic”

Work Package 3 – Training of the lectures
In 2020 and 2021 USURT took part in project meetings and training for lectures:
Activities: Participation in online meetings and intensive trainings, listening to presentations of lecturers from TUD, UPM, PGUPS, ALT, SKU and ENU.

Work Package 4 – Qualification update courses

In 2021 USURT has carried out the qualification upgrade courses for engineer-trainers from the Central Directorate of motive-coach fleet stock – branch of the JSC “RZD” and the Central Directorate for Traction – branch of the JSC “RZD”. The overall number of participants is 49. Within the framework of the qualification upgrade courses lecturers have conducted lessons on the following themes:
– «Economics of high-speed railways», lecturer: PhD in Economics, associate professor Ekaterina Konysheva. Lessons have been conducted on 31.03.2021 and 21.04.2021.
– «Peculiarities of high-speed traffic», lecturer: PhD in Engineering, associate professor Alexander Surin. Lessons have been conducted on 01.04.2021 and 23.04.2021

Work Package 6.1 – Dissemination and Sustainability

In order to create a book on the state of the art in the sphere of economics, ecology and infrastructure at HSR the USURT scientists have prepared the following papers:

– Akkerman G.L., Prokopeva O.A. Biclotoid designing of curved sections of railway track for high-speed lines in program complex “Universal mechanism”.

– Akkerman G.L., Akkerman S.G., Zamukhovskiy A.V., Kopylenko V. A. To the question of admissibility of alignment of curves in vertical plane with transient horizontal curves at designing of HSR.

– Akkerman G.L., Akkerman S.G., Kargapoltsev D.V. Geometry of linear track infrastructure.

– Akkerman G.L., Akkerman S.G. Image of high-speed railway line

– Akkerman G.L., Koshelev D.A. Assessment of possibility for application of biclotoid designing of adjacent curves for movement of high-speed and heavy-loaded trains by means of simulation modeling

– Akkerman G.L., Golubev O.V. Algorithm for revealing sections of railway track with unfavorable dynamics on straight line

– Galkin A.G., Kovalev A.A., Mikava A.V., Okunev A.V., Krapivin N.V. Increase of reliability of current collection system for high-speed lines.

Work Package 6.2 – Integrated modules

In 2020 within the EEIHSR project the USURT taught the following courses:
– Organization of Operation and Control of Train Traffic on High-Speed Railway Lines (including Safety Issues).
– Transportation Systems Theory, Modelling.
– High-Speed Railway Economics.
The course “Organization of Operation and Control of Train Traffic on High-Speed Railway Lines (including Safety Issues)” was conducted by prof. Timukhina for 2-nd year students of the master program (25 students).
The courses “Transportation Systems Theory, Modelling” and “High-Speed Railway Economics” were held for 1-st year students of the master program (23 students) by associate professors Martynenko and Konysheva respectively.

Work Package 7 – Day-by Day Management

USURT is preparing materials for integrated modules, dissemination and on-line meetings with project manager.

The report is prepared by Elena Timukhina (Project manager, USURT, Ekaterinburg, Russia)