Far Eastern State Transport University (FESTU), Russia

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Organisation name & acronym: Far Eastern State Transport University (FESTU), Russia
Role: Partner Institution
Website: http://en.dvgups.ru
Address: 680021, Russia, Khabarovsk, Serysheva st. 47
First contact person: Pavel Pinchukov
First contact person (mail): pinchukov-pavel@mail.ru

Currently, FESTU is one of the largest universities in the Russian Far East. The FESTU includes 14 institutes and faculties in Khabarovsk, and also has 4 regional institutes in the cities of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Tynda, Svobodny and Ussuriysk. FESTU offers various programs in the field of railways and air transport, civil engineering, power engineering, oil and gas transport technology, economics, IT, telecommunications, law, psychology, services and tourism. The FESTU provides a comfortable environment for research and study. The teaching staff includes more than 600 people, including more than 70 doctors of sciences and professors. More than 60% of teachers have scientific degrees.

International cooperation is currently one of the main priorities of the university’s strategy to improve the quality of scientific and educational services, as well as to increase competitiveness. FESTU cooperates with 66 foreign universities in such activities as joint education programs, academic mobility of employees, student mobility programs, short-term professional training programs, joint research projects. The first enrollment of foreign students at FESTU took place in 1988.

FESTU is an active member of international associations and consortia. A joint educational program “Construction of High-Speed Railways” with Harbin Railway Technical School (China) is being implemented at FESTU. FESTU has a wide geography of cooperation with universities and research institutes of the world: China, North Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam, Japan, Brazil, Syria, Peru, Cuba, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova. The closest partner university is Harbin Polytechnic University (China). The first joint educational program of double degrees – 1996 (University of Alaska, Anchorage).

FESTU, as the only transport university in the Russian Far East, implements various research areas that relate to the development of international transport corridors, construction in cold climatic conditions (including permafrost), the development of rolling stock, and innovations for the transportation process. Scientists from FESTU played a large role in the development of a transport logistics scheme in the Far East of Russia, which made it possible to coordinate the workflow of twenty large transport railway junctions, seaports and border crossing points.

Notice: The Russian partner FESTU had been part of the consortium until 08 April 2022