Far Eastern State Transport University (FESTU), Russia

Organisation name & acronym: Far Eastern State Transport University (FESTU), Russia
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Role: Partner Institution
Website: http://en.dvgups.ru
Address: 680021, Russia, Khabarovsk, Serysheva st. 47
First contact person: Pavel Pinchukov
First contact person (mail):pinchukov-pavel@mail.ru

Nowadays FESTU is the largest transport university in the Russian Far East. The University consists of 11 institutes and 3 faculties in Khabarovsk, and has 4 branch offices in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Tynda, Svobodny,

Ussuriysk. FESTU offers different majors in Transport, Power Engineering, Construction, Oil & Gas Transportation, Economics, Information Systems & Networks, Telecommunication, Law, Psychology, Service & Tourism. About 20,000 students are studying at FESTU today. The University provides comfortable environment for research work and studying. Faculty: over 1000 people, including about 100 Doctors of Science and professors. 60% of faculty has scientific degrees.

FESTU provides continuous professional training: bachelor, master, post graduate and doctoral programs. International cooperation nowadays is one of the main priorities of a university strategy for enhancing quality of science and education services as well as for competitive growth. FESTU cooperates with 71 foreign partner-universities in such activities as join education programs, academic mobility of staff members, student mobility programs, short-term professional training programs, joint research projects and exchange. FESTU is an active member of international associations and consortia. FESTU implements a joint education program “Construction. High-speed railway technology” with Harbin railway technical college, China. FESTU, as the largest transport university in the Russian Far East, implements various research which concern development of international transport corridors, construction in cold climate conditions (including permafrost soils), development of a rolling stock, innovations for transportation process.  FESTU successfully executed a research project “Complex research and obtaining the science based recommendations for enhancing transit potential and development of import/export potential of Russian railway network through the enhancing of Baikal-Amur Mainline (BAM) carrying capacity” ordered by the Russian Federation Ministry of Transport. Research data will be used in forthcoming modernization of BAM.  FESTU scientists played a great role in designing the transport logistic scheme, first in the Russian Far East of that kind, which helped to coordinate working process of 20 big transport railway hubs, seaports and border crossing points. Now they introduce a unique automated system for monitoring of rolling stock and railway infrastructure sections. In January 2018, FESTU in cooperation with Harbin Institute of Technology (China) and St. Petersburg State Transport University won a grant for implementation of a research project entitled: “The Study of the Key Technologies of Enhancing Durability and Safety of Railway Infrastructure during Its Lifespan in Cold Regions”.