Advanced training with professors from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Ten post dostępny jest także w języku: Русский (Russian)

The project office for the implementation of PGUPS international programs invites students and professors to additional classes and advanced training within the international educational program ERASMUS+, the project “Economics, Ecology and Infrastructure at High-Speed Railways”, which has been carried out with the participation of PGUPS since 2018.

Classes are held online as a series of lectures and workshops and are free both for PGUPS employees and students and for representatives of other organizations. Students have an opportunity to acquire relevant knowledge and skills related to the actively developing field of high-speed railways.

The first lesson on the topic of “Standardization, Certification, Commissioning and Optimal Operation of HSR” was held on October 14 in English with translation into Russian. The lecturer was Clara Zamorano, professor at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. The lesson was attended by more than 100 students from Russia and other countries.

The next lesson on the topic of “Public Private Partnerships” took place on October 21 at 11:00, also with translation. The lecturer was Professor Jose Manuel Vassallo of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. The second part of this lesson will take place on December 2.

The third lesson will be given by Manolo Romana, professor at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. The topic and date will be announced later.